Active Intelligence


Active Intelligence represents a unique expertise
of Artificial Intelligence, asset valuation analysis
and autonomous agent development analytics.

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Artificial Intelligence Machine

Comprehends & Generates

An artificial intelligence machine studies how the world works and generalizes the information acquired to generate insights.

AI co-pilot

Generative A.I.

co-pilots with Human

Collaborate with humans by offering real-time suggestions, insights, and assistance, enhancing productivity and decision-making across various tasks and domains.

Featured Products & Services

AI Stock Picking

Maximize your investment potential with our AI stock picking model. Harnessing advanced algorithms and vast datasets, we deliver predictions and tools to guide your portfolio decisions. Stay ahead with confidence.

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Asset Valuation Model Development

Elevate your asset valuation models with our financial expertise. We specialize in building valuation models tailored to your needs, leveraging cutting-edge techniques to unlock actionable insights efficiently.

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Data Preparation and Analytics Services

Refine your data effortlessly for model training. Our service handles cleansing, formatting, and feature engineering, empowering you to build robust models efficiently.

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Healthcare Analytics

Transform your news experience with our Analytic and Insight Bot. It effortlessly navigates through vast information landscapes, delivering concise, intelligent insights and searchable data customized to your preferences.

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Language Model Solutions

From data processing, model building to Chat-GPT applications, we use our finance and health care industry experience and expertise to build a scalable solution that helps you gain more advantage in the market.

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The Active Intelligence Team

Our dynamic team represents veterans in fintech, healthcare, private equity, investment banking plus technology experience in machine learning and technology commercialization to capitalize on innovative business ideas. We do not settle in today's technology and business model and inspire to democratize the use of artificial intelligence for good human use.


Our system is a general machine that can be used in investment trading, health care, marketing and various research projects. It studies historical occurrence of events, model the pattern and produce a unique insights for specific purposes.

Media & Awards

AWS Generative AI Accelerator Program

Thomson Reuters Legal Hackathon (HK Region) Second Runner Up

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