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Active Intelligence represents a unique expertise
of Artificial Intelligence, asset valuation analysis and ESG

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Artificial Intelligence Machine

Reads & Comprehends

An artificial intelligence machine studies how the world works and generalizes the information acquired to generate insights.


A.I. Stocks

Evolving Stocks Picker

A system that dynamically studies the history in the stock market and predicts the future for the long term.

Featured Products & Services

AI Stock Picking

An evolving trading algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to construct an optimized portfolio that generates a sustainable investment return manageable risks.

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Asset Valuation Model Development

For professional valuers to asset owners, liquid stock, real estate to rare collectible, we provide a tool to assist you to derive an explanable value of the asset.

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ESG Analytics Services

An AI-equipped tool to systematically analyse social media data and other available data to assist you in making more educated ESG investing decision.

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Smart News Analytics

A tool to filter everyday information and give you a 5 minute roundup of exactly the news information you need to know about a specific subject.

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Language Model Solutions

From data processing, model building to Chat-GPT applications, we build a scalable solution that helps you gain more advantage in the market.

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The Active Intelligence Team

Our dynamic team represents veterans in fintech, private equity, investment banking plus technology experience in machine learning and technology commercialization to capitalize on innovative business ideas. We do not settle in today's technology and business model and inspire to democratize the use of artificial intelligence for good human use.


Our system is a general machine that can be used in investment trading, health care, marketing and various research projects. It studies historical occurrence of events, model the pattern and produce a unique insights for specific purposes.

Our model achieves high functional accuracy for specific tasks:

Binary Classification
Multi-language sentiment analysis
Categorical Classification

Media & Awards

Writer in Mun Road Stratup column
[ 初創教路 ]

Thomson Reuters Legal Hackathon (HK Region) Second Runner Up

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